“Want to create on demand?” 

What if the key to mastering your imagination & creativity is just one step away?

Have you ever thought to yourself...

  • “Maybe I’m really not that creative…” 
  • “Inspiration just doesn’t seem to happen naturally for me…”
  • “My aha moments seem less and less"...
  • "What if my imagination stalls out on me?"
  • My creative results often feel robotic...

Honestly, this mindset is easy to adopt because:

What if maximizing on your creativity can easily be achieved? Through my own personal journey as a working artist, I’ve spent THOUSANDS of hours in the “Creative Process” and I have some good news for you…

Creativity is actually a skill that starts with your imagination. 
That's why I created this program. 

CREATE MORE NOW - An actionable self Paced Course in sharpening your skillset around the creative process. 

 A Practical 
Guide to Strengthening Your “Idea Muscle” 

A proven roadmap to help you strengthen your creative impulse.

Imagination: A Practical Guide to Strengthening Your “Idea Muscle” to give you an actionable roadmap on EXACTLY what to do.

You’ll learn how to…
  • Get unstuck when you’re feeling frustrated and ineffective.
  • Gain CLARITY and freedom in your creative process.
  • Actionable exercises to strengthen your “Idea Muscle”.
  • Discover the invisible ways you’re sabotaging yourself.
  • Tap into the source of your imagination and develop unlimited ideas.
  •  Take control of your creativity with an actionable, repeatable process.
  • Master your emotions that stop you from achieving your creative dreams.
  • Leverage your imagination so you can quickly & confidently create new ideas in any situation.
  • Let your imagination thrive and create with passion, ease and confidence. 

Mario Zambora     Alumni Student 

 The practice has given me very good results. My mind seems clearer and I have achieved some new ideas for projects that I have in mind at the moment. I would like to continue implementing it to also obtain new ideas. I have also noticed that I can work more focused and less stressed. I tell you that for me this kind of practice is a great enjoyment, it is like a gift for my mind.

Who is this program for? 

Creative Professionals

Whether you’re a virtual story teller, architect, programmer, videographer, or graphics designer - one of the easiest ways to get a leg up in your career is to develop your creative problem solving ability. 

Working Artists

“I need another idea already??”

One of the most common roadblocks in a creative career is having to CONSTANTLY come up with your next big project… 

The Imagination guide will give you a repeatable process you can use over and over again to get the mental clarity and focus you need to keep moving forward. 

Novice Designers 

Do you have too many ideas and can't decide which ones to act on or which ones to shelve? You’ll bring a new level of inspiration to your passion projects when you follow the blueprint in the CMN course. This program is ideal for those individuals who are either practicing in their specialities or are considering switching to a more creatively driven career or  lifestyle.

Once you apply these principles...

You can move swiftly forward equipped with a defined source of competitive advantages...and sail ahead completing those projects that bring you the most joy and prosperity. 

About your instructor:   LYLE SOPEL

Acclaimed by National Geographic - Nat Geo as "One of the most accomplished contemporary jade sculptor's in the world. Has heads of state, members of royalty, billionaires and celebrities 
 in his collector base. Sopel is internationally renowned for his unique and revolutionary approach to mastering his own creative realm. Working with his studio artisans and apprentices he is well versed in helping others with their own creative process for over 3 decades. In his renaissance styled studio in Vancouver, Canada he has orchestrated and produced over 7,500 Luxury jade and gemstone sculptures.  Allowing spending massive amounts of time researching and experimenting with the creative process.